Case Study 2


The Challenge

This client who specialises in sports coaching in the south-east was keen to find a way of stepping back from the day to day running of the business without compromising the quality of delivery.


As he was a majority shareholder in the business, he was apprehensive about stepping back and letting his deputies take control of the day to day coaching.


Furthermore, he was worried that the business couldn’t scale because they just sold every coaching lesson using an hourly rate.


The Solution 

After completing the critical growth assessment stage, we quickly determined that a change to the cashflow model was required. We therefore worked with the client to introduce new packaged products which allowed them to raise their prices by selling outcomes rather than just time.


The deputies were given licence to specialise in different areas of coaching allowing them to become known as experts in their niche areas.


The result

  • The majority shareholder now only works 3 days per week (previously 6) and has seen a 15% increase in his income
  • The deputies have increased their own revenue streams by focusing of specific skills
  • All coaching programmes are paid up front thereby protecting the company’s cash-flow. This has also introduced predictable revenue into the business helping to drive up the value of the business
  • 2 less experienced new coaches have joined the business to service those clients who only wish to pay for lessons by the hour. This has allowed the more senior coaches to focus on delivering the new improvement programmes
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