Meet the experts who will guarantee your growth


The talented professionals behind every Business Solution Hub programme are a team of highly skilled, motivated and dedicated experts whose passion is to help businesses transform and fulfil their potential.


Between them Founders Danny and Graham have over 40 years’ experience in changing, restructuring and transforming businesses across the globe.


Graham has had a highly successful career in Financial Services, holding a number of senior roles in Operational and Project areas.

After 22 years working within this highly pressurised environment and going through some life changing experiences, Graham re-evaluated his life and decided to move into helping businesses with the tools they needed to grow.

Graham specialises in Operations and Change Management and has a genuine passion for helping businesses achieve their long-term vision.

Graham has two wonderful children, Mia and Joe, and away from his professional life enjoys playing golf (rather erratically) and spending time with his family.


Danny has spent his career leading and executing business restructuring across a number of corporate and SME businesses.

In 2012 Danny pushed himself to the limits with work and became ill, burning out.

This put him on a path of re-evaluating how he was operating and making significant changes which led to the formation of Core Perform, the forerunner of The Business Solution Hub.

His passion for seeing individuals and businesses transform led him to qualify as an Executive Business Coach.

He is an avid sportsman, having spent time in his younger years playing for a professional football club and now coaches Youth Football.

Danny is an advocate for putting your physical and personal life before your professional one and spends the majority of his time outside work focusing on his family, friends and exercising.

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