10 Reasons Why Traditional Consultancy Doesn’t Work

10 reasons why traditional consultancy doesn’t work

As we look to accelerate our business in 2019 many decide to hire a business consultant.


Sadly, the result is often a negative one for ambitious business owners.


The consultancy market is awash with thousands of people who claim to be a business coach or expert consultant but who are not qualified to work with business owners to drive the necessary changes.


In a recent article interviewed Pat Lynes (a business transformation consultant and author of The Interim Revolution) who said:


“It’s clear the consultancy market is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many, because there is a sense of them having their own, misaligned agenda. This agenda is fuelled by profit over purpose. As such, consultancies tend to operate primarily to enable their own business to thrive, rather than their clients’ business. The result is often that the client is kept in the problem as the consultancy sells in the A-team to land and expand, whilst iteratively swapping in the B and C-team. In some cases, giving clients graduates who learn on their watch.”


Many SME businesses need help to enable growth.

In our experience most businesses don’t just want to be told where they are going wrong. They actually need expert help to sit in their business to help them implement the suggested improvements.

Here are 10 reasons consultancy is not working:


  1. Consultants are more interested in keeping clients ‘on-the-hook’ rather than help physically solve the problem as more time = more billable hours
  2. Consultants roll out outdated and standardised advice to clients and don’t factor in what is right for that specific client
  3. Consultants adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model and just re-churn the same material time and time again. If it worked for the last client it will work for the next right? WRONG! Every client is unique and should be treated as such
  4. Consultants ‘specialise’ in advising and not doing leaving clients to figure out how to implement the suggested improvements
  5. Consultants don’t spend time trying to understand the culture of the business leaving them to suggest ideas that are wrong from the outset
  6. Consultants think clients are all at the same level of expertise so offer little by way of additional support and just use the same old boring tools which have been regurgitated to death
  7. Consultants focus on how they can increase their presence within a company and regularly promote additional services even if they are not going to have a profound positive impact on the business
  8. Consultants often adopt an arrogant position as they are the ‘so-called’ experts and totally bypass the word ‘empathy’ in their client dealings
  9. Consultants mark of success is often based on how much money they have extracted from their clients and not what tangible benefits they have made to their clients’ businesses
  10. Consultants are stuck in a time-warp.

The world has moved on.


If consultancy firms don’t look at themselves in the mirror and begin the put their clients at the heart of everything that they do, they will see a steady decline in the demand for their outdated services.


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