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Today in the UK SMEs are battling more challenges than ever before making the prospect of growth and increased profitability seem at times like an impossible task.

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What is EAS?

EAS stands for Enterprise Alignment System which is our unique delivery model that looks to align all parts of your business so that business goals can be achieved quicker owing to everyone rowing in the same direction

What happens if you don’t want to follow the whole EAS model?

That’s fine. It’s your business and we understand that not all clients need to same things. Some clients like us to help take them on a journey of transformation by implementing the whole EAS model, whereas others ask us to come in to focus purely on a specific element of their business. We have simple solutions that cater for both needs

How quickly can you expect to see results?

Whilst its not an exact science as every client is different, our clients will begin to see noticeable changes after spending as little as a day with us. That’s because we focus specifically on your needs and don’t just wheel out useless tools that so many other expensive consultancy firms choose to do

What makes our solution unique?

Our solution is unique as all solutions that we deliver are totally tailored to suit your exact requirements. Every tool/solution that we use is very simple to follow and will only be implemented if you feel it is right for you and your business.  Furthermore we do not just consult but actually we can go in to your business to help you embed the changes that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Why do we insist on starting with defining your vision?

Starting with defining the vision is critical. If our clients do not have a clear picture of what success looks like then the reality is they are very unlikely to ever get there. Helping you outline a realistic vision from the outset it enables us to begin making the necessary changes that put you on that journey

What does EAS involve?

EAS contains 6 key elements

  1. Vision
  2. Strategy
  3. People
  4. Process
  5. Metrics
  6. Operating Rhythm.

Focusing on each aspect allows us to work with you at the pace you want to ensure that each component is optimized thereby allowing you to achieve continuous improvement

How much time do you need to commit?

Well this is totally dependent on how you want us to support you. Some clients need some intensive help to overcome deeply embedded issues whereas others just need a little guidance. Out unique approach to delivery (The 4D Model) puts you firmly in control throughout. It’s your business and therefore we believe you should own the pace at which change is made and what time you can commit to the process

What is the impact on your staff and teams?

We believe that involving your people as much as possible in the process will set you up for the best possible success. It’s no good your management team being clear on how to drive enhancements across your business if your other staff are totally disengaged in the process. Again we can tailor your improvement program to a schedule that perfectly fits you and your business

Are we just another expensive group of consultants?

NO! We carry over 40 years experience in working across various businesses and our sole mission is to only provide you with tools that will make a profound difference to you and your business. You are in control throughout the entire journey and nothing is progressed until you are comfortable with progressing with the approach that we outline. A key passion of ours is to change the perception of consultancy firms by only delivery what the customer needs, not what the consultants want to sell !

How do we help specifically help our clients?

We help our clients in many ways and provide fully bespoke solutions which we tailor to meet your specific needs. We help clients in a number of positive ways including (but not limited to);

  1. Help you to define a realistic vision for your business
  2. We enable our clients focus on manageable targets
  3. Addressing sensitive staffing/people challenges
  4. Improving your people proposition
  5. Reduce inefficiencies from your business processes
  6. Improve inefficiencies and reduce waste across your business
  7. Help you operate more effectively all day every day
  8. Allow you to achieve long term success through the implementation of easy to follow improvement plans
  9. Provide you with simple tools/dashboards which enable you to monitor your key business activities
  10. Implement additional control across your business to reduce the risk of errors occurring

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The challenge of running small to medium sized business  is that there is always more to do and never enough time to do it, this creates an overwhelming feeling of frustration and risk within the company.  Statistics show that businesses need more focus on people and process aligned to a clear vision and strategy. We Can Help With That.

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